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This period is also known as Federation. The House Shop.

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Often the best properties for a buy-refurbish-sell strategy are homes where you can add value but also have character history warmth and make fantastic family homes.


Edwardian era houses. Technically spanning the period during which King Edward VII was on the throne from 1901 to 1910 the term Edwardian is often extended to refer to beyond the first decade of the 20 th century up to the start of the First World War in 1914. Floor plans were generally similar to those of Victorian houses. Upper part of windows with small panes separated by glazing bars as per Georgian era with a clear larger lower pane in the bottom part.

With their large and spacious features that can accommodate several people Edwardian houses have been long considered a symbol of elegance luxury and almost royalty. The above streetscape of Park Drive in Dublin 6 is distinctly Edwardian. Connaught Apartments is valued as an impressive Edwardian era apartment building.

In the Edwardian era general class people built their houses in the outskirts of the cities and used the railway to travel. The Edwardian period marked a peak in British building standards and homes have a reputation for being well designed and constructed using high-quality materials. In addition many homes built in the Edwardian era were set back from the road to protect the owners privacy.

Built in 1913 Connaught Apartments is an example of the dense rectangular and cubic apartment blocks that were typical of the Edwardian era which provided housing alternatives in a rapidly period of urbanization. Unlike the Victorian Georgian or earlier periods even the cheapest Edwardian homes demonstrated great advances in planning. The Edwardian period was short lasting only from 1901 to 1910.

Edwardian houses also found in the coastal region of Bournemouth Eastbourne Brighton and Hove. Edwardian properties display a heavy Arts and Crafts Movement influence. Edwardian 1901 WW1.

AbstractThe Edwardian Era 19011914 represents a period of extreme socio-economic inequality in Britain. Because Edwardian houses were often built with steeply pitched roofs they often have space for a loft conversion and a loft conversion has become a favourite form of extension in Britain. Windows in this era were usually composed of hanging laces accompanied by floral curtains to supplement the wall colours.

The Edwardian period began in 1901 when Queen Victoria died and her eldest son Edward assumed the throne. Edwardian houses are reputed for being designed and built using high-quality materials reducing the need for future maintenance costs that often accompany period properties. If this makes sense to you and your strategy then Edwardian houses should be at the top of your list.

These houses are concentrated outskirts of the major towns like Bristol Manchester Birmingham and London city. Why Edwardian Houses Are The Best Properties To Renovate. Simple roller blinds were also is use in the Edwardian interiors.

What is An Edwardian House. The traits listed below are all present and all very much typical of Edwardian architecture. Houses built at this time drew on both Victorian and Queen Anne features.

Carved features are common along with more decorations on building exteriors. Houses from the Edwardian era 1890-1915 were built in line with expanding tram and rail routes and can be found in leafy inner and middle ring suburbs such as in Melbourne Middle Park Armadale Hawthorn Camberwell and Ascot Vale. The upper-class invested its financial resources on land and familybuilt luxurious estates with large house called Downton The country houses.

He reigned until his death in 1910 although people often refer to the era as lasting up until the outbreak of World War 1 in 1914. More than one million people in. People buying an Edwardian home can have a period property without the worry and maintenance costs that older properties can sometimes bring.

Other decorations of the room included conical shell gramophones silverwares like cake stands photograph frames and candlesticks. Apartment blocks were a significant development of residential. The Edwardians understood luxury – both understated and in-your-face.

Edwardian era homes are characterized by light and bright rooms and pastel tones. Residents of the time wanted to move away from the darker rooms filled with furniture of the Victorian era to ones with a more relaxing atmosphere. Many Victorian ornaments were still used but houses were less ostentatious than in previous decades.

We have spoken to Lucy who owns the Instagram account edwardiansemi. The lower-class struggled to survive. View this handsome Victorian period property for sale in Leyton.

Many grand houses copied the revamped Louis XVI style made popular at The Ritz by Mewes and Davis while others still flocked to the homely ye olde England style made universal by William Morris. They were built during the reign of Queen Victorias successor King.

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